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Warsaw Guide

My name is Pawel Szczerkowski (try to pronounce it, that can be fun!), I`m a government licensed Warsaw tour guide, member of PTTK - the biggest and oldest organization of tour guides in Poland. I cooperate with main travel agencies in Warsaw.

I`m not a typical Warsaw tour guide, always in love with the city and with generations of ancestors living here. I was born in a small town close to Warsaw, came here to study and… didn`t like the city at all! It seemed to me unfriendly and chaotic. It took some time before my fascination of Warsaw began and I became a professional Warsaw tour guide. Read more...

My Warsaw

Warsaw is a very unique, difficult and demanding city. If you want to spend a great time in this place, like it and really understand, it will depend much on who your Warsaw tour guide will be. Thus first, I`d like to tell you what Warsaw is for me and what is my idea of showing it to people who come here. Please take some time to read this, look at the Warsaw Tours chapter and then make your choice. I`m sure you won`t be disappointed :-)

Almost 70 years ago Warsaw was wiped off the face of the earth. In a silent cemetery of ruins and rubble lived approximately one thousand people. Today, with population reaching 2 million, skyscrapers rising higher and higher every year, it`s the most dynamic and changing European capital. This contrast shows Warsaw`s unique spirit, making it world`s symbol of freedom and triumph.

Like the mythical bird phoenix, Warsaw rised from the ashes. Following the apocalyptic scale of destruction and massive human carnage unprecedented in history, the city became place of the greatest urban reconstruction effort in the world. The result fascinates people coming here today. Read more...

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