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About me

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Welcome on my Warsaw tour guide page,

My name is Pawel Szczerkowski (try to pronounce it, that can be fun!), I`m a government licensed Warsaw tour guide, member of PTTK - the biggest and oldest organization of tour guides in Poland. I cooperate with main travel agencies in Warsaw.

I`m not a typical Warsaw tour guide, always in love with the city and with generations of ancestors living here. I was born in a small town close to Warsaw, came here to study and… didn`t like the city at all! It seemed to me unfriendly and chaotic. It took some time before my fascination of Warsaw began and I became a professional Warsaw tour guide.

I studied international relations at Warsaw University and began my professional career as a journalist. For a few years I worked at the foreign desk in “Gazeta Wyborcza”, the biggest daily in Poland, travelling around the world as correspondent and learning other capitals and countries.

Then I began to understand what is so special and unique about Warsaw. I saw it not just as a city but a place of a great adventure of my life – center of the biggest transformation that my country is undergoing during one thousand years of its history. I understood, that living in a city completely destroyed not so long ago, I take part in a constant process of its birth, its creation. All around me, people are discussing what Warsaw should be and what it should look like. And I like being part of this adventure.

For that reason, as Warsaw tour guide I not only talk about places of heritage. For me they are just a pretext to explain what Warsaw is and who are people living here – the spirit, specific, mentality, character, history.

It`s not enough just to see, it`s not enough to know – you should also understand. That`s my motto

Paweł Szczerkowski

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