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They recommend

Richard Gussow,
2013-08-28 12:48:
"I had an amazing day touring Jewish Warsaw with Paul and he was absolutely fantastic. He had an in depth knowledge and took me to places I hadn't seen on my previous visit to the city. I had a special request - I had discovered that two of my relatives were buried in the Warsaw Jewish cemetery, and we went on a mission to find the graves. Unfortunately they are buried in an area that is not maintained, so we were pushing our way through vines, weeds, fallen tombstones and other obstacles. I was ready to give up after a half hour, but Paul was determined. After an hour, we found the first (and more important) tombstone - had it not been for Paul we never would have found it. The second was a small flat stone in an area covered with weeds, so I told Paul to skip it. He probably would still be looking for it :). While the focus was on Jewish sites, Paul also had an in depth knowledge of the general history of Warsaw, and pointed out some interesting history and sites. Highly recommended."

Nicole Mary Kelby, US, writer,
2013-03-17 19:44:
"I was recently on book tour in Warsaw and my Warsaw tour guide asked me what I thought the number one food in Poland was...I said “paczki” and he was amazed. Not only did I get the answer correct but pronounced it properly. He took me to his secret place. The line was long. The paczki was still warm. The choice of fillings were vast including chocolate and cherry together––which is never a bad idea in a country known for its stone fruit. But the traditional filling is rose jam. And I ordered that. It was not my grandmother’s doughnut. Not at all. The paczki was so complex and beautiful that it was heartbreaking. It was Warsaw itself. If you’ve never been to the city, you need to know that the exiled Chopin demanded that his heart be buried here. And it is. His body is in Paris but his sister smuggled his heart back to Warsaw, and it’s buried in his neighborhood church. This place evokes that strong sense of love and longing. Pawel, so many thanks for this! You were a wonderful guide!"

Michal, BNP Paribas,
2013-03-10 16:48:
"I fully recommend the service of Pawel. He was our tour guide in Warsaw during an international meeting. Two thumbs up! Great service and knowledge! :-)"