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Warsaw of socialist realism and communism

After WWII, completely destroyed Warsaw was the only place in the Soviet bloc, where communists could fully realize their utopian visions in urban planning. For 40 years, they conducted a unique experiment to create a perfect, socialist city. During this tour you can check the result...


Walk - 2 hours
Walk + visit in the Palace of Culture and Science - 3 hours
Walk + visit in the Palace of Culture and Science + dinner in a milk bar - 3,5 hours


…secrets of a gift, which Warsaw received from Soviet dictator Josef Stalin - the tallest skyscraper in Poland and icon of communist architecture

…how new architecture presented strength of communism and its supremacy over capitalism

…headquarters of the former communist party, which fate after the fall of communism proves that Poland has a very specific sense of humour... :-)

…how a perfect man (and woman) looked like: homo sovieticus

…taste of a home dinner in one of famous milk bars, relicts from communist era which are still alive

…the most famous housing district of socialist realism, presented by communist propaganda as a perfect city